When looking at buying a new computer, it can be a bit of a minefield out there. Often, we recommend a good spec for the average user of an I5 CPU, 8 Gb RAM and a SSD disk – but what actually does this all mean?

To all our existing and new customers we would like to wish you a happy new year and to thank you all for all their support over these difficult times. We in turn will continue to offer prompt safe remote support and support in person to keep you up and running. 

Wi-Fi Survey -Eliminate all those Wi-Fi blackspots and speed up your Wi-Fi speeds

We now offer a WIFI and Internet Speed survey and installation service. This includes a detailed one hour survey whereby we investigate your current setup and look at how best to improve your Internet speed and Wi-Fi throughout the house. Following the findings from the survey, we will identify a new technology  “mesh” Wi-Fi system tailored to your needs and also report other issues such as an outdated router or slow internet speeds you may have. 

Once the recommended mesh system has been ordered, we then come and install and configure it for you which only takes an hour and a half. Prices for mesh system hardware start from just £100 which will cover an  average 3/4 bedroom house. So a complete system including survey, installation and cost of the hardware can be had from just £200! Plus Mesh systems are predominantly wire free and as such do not require additional ethernet cabling being run through the house.

Want to know more - check out this explanation of mesh Wi-Fi on my web site https://www.holmestartcomputers.co.uk/news/62-mesh-networks-an-explanation

Annual Service And Tune-up

We also are still doing our very popular annual 1 hour, £40  computer healthcheck and tune up service, which can include the free installation of McAfee Anti-Virus protection on 1 PC (excludes product cost payable which is just £25 – less than 50p a week). If you’ve not had this service in the past couple of years, even on a newish computer, its well worth doing, to ensure the smooth running of your computer,  keeping it updated and secure.

 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Finally if you are thinking of getting a new computer, laptop or printer, don’t forget this month is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 27th and Monday 30th respectively, where there are usually good savings to be made from Internet retailers like PC World. If you are thinking of getting new Tech and unsure what to get, Don’t struggle, let us know and we can help you get a best value, good specification purchase.

Printers for home

There are two main types of printers for home users, ink jet printers and laser printers.

Ink jet printers print in colour or black and white and provide additional scanner and copier features too. However genuine ink cartridges can be expensive

What is Mesh WiFi ? 

Mesh WiFi networks are an intuitive way to provide better WiFi to a larger area of your home. Used as an alternative to the traditional single router system, a mesh WiFi network is a great option