A strong password is one you can’t guess or crack using a brute force attack. Hackers use computers to try various combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols in search of the right password. Modern computers can crack short passwords consisting of only letters and numbers in seconds.

This past month or two I have had several calls from customers who have come across an online scam and to call a Technical Support Number. Where upon a scammer convinces you your computer is infected, your computer to may even speak to you and ask you to call a “Support Number” now – Stop there !!

Many of my customers have Apple iPhone and iPads and often ask me how they can access their favourite iPhone photos on their Windows PC -  without having to physically plug the iPhone into your computer.

Well with Windows 10 and 11, this process is now made easy.  Available from the Microsoft store is the app “iCloud for Windows” which syncs your Apple files with your Windows computer.

Once you have signed into the iCloud app with your Apple ID and password, you choose what files you wish to sync. You will then have access to your iCloud Photos and other files on iCloud Drive via your Windows computer.

Once the iCloud app has been installed on your computer, You need to go into the Windows   “Photo” app and turn on iCloud Photos which will add your photos to the Photos Gallery.

Once synced, you are then ready to view, edit and print your iPhone photos at your leisure on your Windows 10/ 11  computer– enjoy!

To all our amazing Customers

With 10 years of running our computer business coming up soon, we are pleased to let you know that we can now supply direct to you, new desktop computers and laptops.