Whether you use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox web browser to access the Internet, how do you know the web site you visit is secure and is it genuine?If you see a padlock button next to a website's address in your browser it means:  What you send and receive from the website it’s encrypted, which makes it difficult for anyone else to get to this info.

The website is also verified, which means the company running the site has a certificate proving they own it. Click the lock button to see who owns the site and who verified it. (The Certificate Authority)

So if you’re doing shopping on the web, make sure the site you visit is HTTPS secure and has a valid certificate for peace of mind.Sites that are only HTTP are not encrypted and hence may not be secure or genuine, if you click on the “info” tab you will get the message below as a warning

Google is now encouraging all websites to be secure and from July 2018 onwards, http only sites will be flagged up as not secure.

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Every 6 months or so Microsoft releases a large update for Windows 10. These updates contain enhancements to Windows 10 and also rolled up security patches, drivers and other fixes. Rollout of this years update called the Spring Creators update started on 30 April anh is gradually rolled out across all Windows 10 computers. Most of you should have got it now, although some of you where the Windows update is not working may still be on a previous release.

This update comes with a lot of new features include Timeline, Nearby Sharing, Password Recovery for local accounts, Choose your GPU, Mute tabs in Edge and a diagnostic Data viewer

For more information on all these extra features, the website CNet has a great article on this, click on the link to read more Cnet

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Whilst we can't help with all your Christmas shopping or what to buy in the Sales, if your confused by all the different types of computers for sale, don't know what's a good one and what one is n't ? What's an I3, I5 or I7, what's an SSD disk, how much memory do I need ? How much do I need to spend?