For all of you with either no anti-virus product, or the annoying advert loaded free ones such as AVG, or for those of you who pay repeat subscriptions sometimes up to £80 per year, we now offer a cost effective and very secure Anti-Virus Service.

Microsoft announced this year another update, which started rolling out from April 11th 2017. This big update is called the "Creators Update" and is the first major update since last August's "Anniversary Update"

I quite often get asked to setup users new laptop or PC and part of my service is to offer a migration service moving over the data and programs from the old computer to the new one.

Whilst the data eg files can simply be copied over, generally speaking the programs eg Anti Virus, Microsoft Office, Email and iTunes etc need reinstalling from scratch and then configuring correctly. iTunes in particular can hold hundreds of albums and thousands of tracks and customers are wanting this on their new computer.

Wndows 10 updateOver a year has now passed since Windows 10 was launched back at the end of July 2015, Microsoft has produced a substantial update to mark the occasion, aptly called the “Anniversary Update”.

This update is being rolled out across the millions of Windows 10 computers throughout the world.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will automatically download and install when it becomes available for your device (your device will be running Windows 10 Version 1607 after it's installed)

It has been a mad busy month, so busy that we have not had time to do a full news page for August. We have taken on some more local businesses and the work has been from setting up NAS boxes to setting up CCTV IP camera system and upgrading a Windows SBS server.