The Windows 10 May 2019 Update continues to be plagued by problems, with the latest cumulative update (KB4517389)

introducing a new batch of issues: Microsoft’s Edge browser now appears to be broken for some, and there are reports of installation failures.

This comes on top of the problems that the KB4517389 update caused with the Start menu, which failed to work due to a ‘critical error’

The new issue with Edge has been reported online and via Microsoft’s forum as follows: “After installing KB4517389 today can’t open Edge. Tried rebooting. Tried uninstalling update (then it worked). Reinstalled update and Edge won’t open. Tried reset and still won’t work. All other browsers work including Internet Explorer.”

One poster notes that this update “was delivered and Edge will not start among other symptoms,” adding that: “The Edge start menu icon is grayed out with a white line across the bottom of the tile. Edge Dev and other browsers work fine.”

Despite this problem, and the aforementioned Start menu breaking bug, Microsoft’s official document for the KB4517389 update still states that there are no known issues. The firm has said elsewhere that it’s aware of problems though, at least in the case of the Start menu, and that this should be resolved later in October.