For all of you that use Windows 10 and 11 mail, you will have noticed that there is a slider now at the top right of the screen. Microsoft are phasing out the “Mail” app and replacing it with Outlook for Windows.

Email is often provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) eg BT, Talktalk, Sky etc. Other times you may have  a Microsoft or gmail (Google) account.

Nearly all email providers allow you to access your email via the Internet browser, e.g. Edge, Chrome by logging onto your email account at e.g. or etc.

This allows you to access your email from any computer that has Internet access - as long as you remember your email name and password! What password ??!!

Email programs (apps) such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail are installed on your computer and are designed to download your email and store them  and their attachements on your computer.

Email programs also allow checking of incoming messages with Anti-Virus programs, eg McAfee and they have a rich set of features to manage your email better - for example signatures, spell checking and email archiving.

To all our amazing Customers - new and old alike

Thank you so much for your continued business during 2023 keeping us in the No 1 spot for local IT support and computer repairs – this year we reached 100 5* star google reviews, the first in the Holme Valley to achieve this.

If you are wanting to buy a new Windows 11 All in One computer or laptop for Christmas or the New year we can supply you one at a good price and spec and take away all the hassle by doing all the setup and file transfers off your old computer for you. Alternatively if you have bought one yourself or got one as a Christmas present and want help setting it up correctly, we can do that too. Or just a straight forward Windows 10 or 11 problem, just give us a call or email.

Got a really old, slow computer but not wanting to buy a new one? Fed up waiting for Windows to start up, like watching paint dry? How about a refurbished Windows 10 laptop or computer. We currently have a few select laptops and computers that have been cleaned up, refurbished and installed with new fast SSD disks with the latest version of Windows 10. So plenty of storage space and quite speedy too, make a good upgrade or gift for a minimal outlay. All are in good condition and well-priced between just £125 and £250 depending on model.

You may already have bought a computer off us in the past 12 months or more? If it’s a year old or more - then how about getting a healthcheck and tuneup done by us, to keep it and you running at its best! We can also renew your Microsoft 365 and McAfee or Norton subscription for you at a competitive price.

Finally .. opening times over the festive period - :

December 22nd -  Last day for support before we close for the Christmas break.

December 23nd – December 27th – Closed for Christmas.

December 28th  – December 29th – Open for business as usual

January 1st  -    Closed Bank Holiday

January 2nd – Open for business as usual

I hope you all have a super Christmas and Happy New Year.


Kind Regards


Craig Pickering


Call 01484 961070 or 07881 624372

The placement of a wireless router can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of your broadband. Everything from electrical interference to the room you choose to place it in can affect your browsing.

Below are some simple steps to help improve your signal -:

What if your current computer is getting on in years, running slowly and not performing like it did when you first bought it.

You could upgrade your old computer depending on how old it is and what spec it is -