This month we are looking at Windows updates for Windows 10. In the older days of Windows 7, Vista and XP, you had the option as to download and install automatically Windows updates.

Or you could choose when to download and install them manually, or to not even bother!

So why do we need Windows updates? Well, first of all Microsoft produce important security updates to ensure your system remains safe and secure from hackers and malicious software such as Malware and Virus’s.

Secondly, other updates include driver updates to improve e.g. your graphics card performance, or to fix issues with hardware and software that has come to light from user feeding back errors to Microsoft.

With Windows 10, updates are now automatically downloaded and every six months Microsoft produce a new release of Windows 10 which packages up a host of security and feature updates.

The latest large release was in May 19 and is release 1903. Microsoft usually supports the last 3 major releases of Windows 10. So check what version you’re on, as version 1803 is soon to go out of support, meaning no more updates will be released for this old version.