Ink jet printers, use a set of colour and black cartridges to print. Often the cost of these cartridges can be expensive, particularly if printing a lot of colour pages - such as photos

There are alternative ink cartridges available however, these can void the warranty on your printer, the colours tend to be less accurate, and can throw up errors on the printer if detected as non-genuine.

Printer manufacturers recognised this dilemma and the high cost of genuine inks, so they introduced monthly subscription-based ink plans. HP do an “Instant Ink plan” and Epson “Ready Print Go

Typically, a customer will subscribe to print ‘X’ number of pages per month, e.g. 50, 100 or 200. Then for a low fixed monthly fee (usually around £2 or £3 for 50-100 pages) the manufacturer automatically sends you a replacement set of genuine cartridges via the post and will recycle your old ones for you too.

The plans can also be changed monthly to accommodate your changing ink requirements. The plans work out very cost effective, with a 12-month plan working much cheaper than several sets of one-off cartridge purchases. Big savings of upto 70%  can be made if printing lots of full page colour photos.

Just go to the printer manufacturers website for further plan details

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