The placement of a wireless router can have a significant impact on the quality and reliability of your broadband. Everything from electrical interference to the room you choose to place it in can affect your browsing.

Below are some simple steps to help improve your signal -:

Place your wireless router in a central location in the house.

The router's impact on network Wi-Fi speed is critical, so keep your router as close to the centre of the house as possible. Let it cover the surrounding signal as evenly as possible so that the signal can be maximized. If your wireless router is against an outside wall of your home, the signal will be weak on the other side of your home.

Put your wireless router at a certain height.

It is better to place the wireless router on a table or shelf and keep it at around 1 metre so that the omnidirectional antenna's transmitting ability can be utilized.

Stay away from high-powered appliances.

When the router is transmitting signals, the high-power electrical appliances, and iron products may cause interference to Wi-Fi, so try to avoid microwave oven, weak current box, TV, and other electrical appliances, Kitchens particularly are best to avoid.

Avoid obstructions.

To keep it neat, a lot of people put the router in a cabinet. Putting it in the cabinet will block the signal, the overall signal will be weakened. Also, the position of the router should not pass through too many walls, because the walls are made of concrete, which is very strong in shielding the router's signals.