What if your current computer is getting on in years, running slowly and not performing like it did when you first bought it.

You could upgrade your old computer depending on how old it is and what spec it is -

  Or you could decide to buy either a new or a refurbished replacement.

So, what constitutes a “refurbished computer”? usually the slow hard disk drive has been replaced with a faster SSD storage, the RAM memory upgraded from 4gb to 8gb  and the computer cleaned. Finally the drive is wiped and a fresh copy of Windows 10 or 11 installed.

Generally speaking, most laptops and some pc’s make it nigh on impossible to upgrade other components such as the CPU Processor, Wi-Fi card and for laptops their screens.

Other things to look for if buying refurbished, is to ascertain if its original built date was pre 2018. If so then you will not be able to upgrade it to Windows 11. When Windows 10 runs out of support in 2025 you will be using an obsolete version of Windows no longer supported in the mainstream.

Even if the computer is 2018 onwards, not all are Windows 11 compatible so if your wanting upgradability, check before you buy it if it Windows 11 compatible.

A refurbished computer or laptop can be a cheap and quick fix to replace your old computer, but bear in mind that Windows 10 expires in 2025, so factor this in too.