This past month or two I have had several calls from customers who have come across an online scam and to call a Technical Support Number. Where upon a scammer convinces you your computer is infected, your computer to may even speak to you and ask you to call a “Support Number” now – Stop there !!

What should I do then?

Well firstly you have probably inadvertently clicked on an advert or web article which has tricked you onto the scammers website. Alternatively, you may of typed in a web address incorrectly and the scammers site comes up instead.

First thing to do is not panic. The online scam will usually say not to switch off your computer, its infected (it’s not!) and to call a Microsoft “support number”. What you need to do is the reverse of their advice. Switch off your computer, (from the mains if need be) and then power it on again, this alone often clears the scammers web page.

If this does not clear the error or when you open your web browser then just switch off your computer and call us, we can usually come next day or the day after and fix it within the hour.

DO NOT CALL THE SCAMMERS OR THEIR “SUPPORT NUMBER” as this will result in you paying large sums of money for essentially nothing in return, just give us a call.

For further info contact Craig at Holme Start Computers

01484 961070 or 07881 624372