With 10 years of running our computer business coming up soon, we are pleased to let you know that we can now supply direct to you, new desktop computers and laptops.

 Customers who were thinking of buying a new laptop or computer found the potential purchase a bit of a minefield -not knowing what specification to look for, or fear of being sold a less desirable model which would struggle a year or two down the line.

 Therefore, each month we carefully handpick some great mid-range Windows 11 computers and laptops. They represent excellent value for money, are a good specification and usually cost less than you can buy from Currys or the manufacturer direct.

 We keep a variety of different sizes from 14” laptops to 24” All-in-One computers. You can rest assured that buying from us you will get a system that is handpicked for its good performance, build quality and at a competitive price. We can also supply computers for special requests too, if you are after that extra special All-in-One or laptop.

 This new service allows us to provide a complete lifecycle service to customers now, from health checking

their existing system, to supplying a fabulous new one, configuring the new computer and transferring data from the old one to new one

So, if you are thinking of getting a replacement just call or email us for further details.