This style of computer is probably my favourite format, a sleek solution, whereby the computer is integrated into the monitor, so no separate box is needed and no cables trailing between the two units and the accessories e.g. speakers,  webcam.

Apple Computers have sold AIO’s  for years, such as the iMac. Most AIO have a large 22-27 Inch LED screen, built in stereo speakers, microphone, and webcam.

They are a very neat solution, needing just need one cable for the power and they often come with a wireless mouse and keyboard too.

Who is it for then? Well, if you have a traditional computer with a separate box and monitor and are looking at buying a new computer, this can be an excellent choice. Its also a great replacement for a laptop user (if portability is not a requirement). The AIO screen is twice the size of a laptop’s, you get a full-size keyboard and the multimedia abilities, such as the speakers are usually far superior quality.

Are they expensive? Not really. On a similar price range to a normal computer or laptop. A decent one from HP, Lenovo, or Dell, starts from as low as £500, going upto £1000 plus depending on the specification.