So you have just bought a new computer or home and business use, should you get the computer setup professionally or is it easy enough to do yourself?

Can I not just set it up myself ? What does a professional setup include? Well quite a lot as it turns out !

Firstly, we setup a local Windows account, followed by your Microsoft Account, so you have a back up account if you get locked out or if there’s an account problem such as a user profile corruption.

We setup the latest Microsoft Edge browser, with your selected Home Page, setup or import your Favourites from your old computer, then et up Google Search engine instead of Bing.

It maybe a new computer but guaranteed it will have outstanding updates since it was manufactured. We install the outstanding Microsoft Windows 10 Updates, including the Microsoft Store Apps updates plus any Manufacturers hardware and firmware updates so its bang upto date.

We ensure System Restore is also enabled so in the event of a problem your computer can be recovered back to the point where it was working prior to the update install

Any programs that you have purchased or need transferring off your old computer including Microsoft Office 365, your Anti-Virus package, and your email account setup for you in the Outlook or Windows Mail programs.

Then there’s the printer to setup, possibly a backup solution and finally we make sure you’re happy with the new setup and answer any questions you may have.

At the end of the process, you should have a computer, customised just for you and correctly setup and running at its optimum best for years to come.