I often get asked if it’s worth upgrading my current computer or whether to buy a new one instead. There is no wrong or right to this question and the answer depends on lots of variables

such as budget, age and specification of the existing computer, vs  how easy it is to upgrade and the cost.

Usually, the best upgrade for a computer is a Solid State Disk ( SSD) to replacement the original traditional disk. With a SSD disk, you get 10x plus the speed of a normal disk giving you fast access to apps as well as helping Windows 10 load and run extremely quickly.

Computer memory can be upgraded usually from 4gb to 8gb this allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously and is the ideal amount for running Windows 10.

However, you should weigh up the cost of doing these upgrades against buying a new computer. Say the computer is 6 years old – some components can’t be easily upgraded (especially in laptops) such as the system CPU, Network card, graphics card etc. So even if you upgrade your disc and memory, the 6-year-old network card is unable to utilise the latest internet speeds with your broadband provider. The CPU will be an old generation one, so will run a lot slower than the latest 11 gen processors. Then the graphics card will be dated, plus the other computer parts will be well used.

In conclusion, I would usually recommend buying a new computer over upgrading a 6-year-old one, you get a faster processor, quicker memory and network connections as well as better graphics and often more green as they usually use a lot  less power than old computers. For Laptops, the weight of a new one can be half of an old style laptop making it much more efficient and easier to carry around. But for some an upgrade may be worthwhile, as an alternative solution to extend the computers life a year or two.