All In One Computers (AIO)

If you are thinking of upgrading, or getting a new computer in the upcoming Black Friday or Christmas deals, theres now a great choice to choose from particularly from all singing all dancing All in One (AIO) systems. 

Many moons ago, you either had to have a laptop, with a small screen and keyboard or a traditional PC system, which meant a big box placed under your desk.

By the time you connected in your USB camera, microphone, and speakers, the cabling led to a working environment that was not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Recently AlO computers have really taken off, and they offer a neat and stylish solution for the home and Office for all users.

The large black box under the desk has disappeared and replaced by a stylish large monitor where the computer is integrated into the monitor.  Stereo speakers, a camera and microphone are also built in, ideal for multimedia, Zoom and Facebook calls while minimising cabling also saving on electricity costs.

However its easy to pick a slow performing AIO. Although they may look similar on the outside, its the old adage, "its whats in the inside that counts". Tips on what product features to look for - most importantly look for a AIO with a SSD disc, this gives it great speed for starting up Apps and Windows. Preferably 8Gb of memory for running multiple apps at the same time and finally a CPU which is the brains of the computer, look with a minimum of Intel I3, I5 CPU or a AMD Ryzen 3 or 5.

Prices vary considerably, however depending on your requirements a good specification one can be had for between £500 - £800, we don't sell computers, but we can shortlist you a hand picked selection and then set up the new one and transfer files and programs from the old one to your new AIO all in the same day.

For further information contact Craig at Holme Start Computers

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