Don't worry, during the current lock down, we are providing remote support to your home or business to help you with any IT issues over this difficult period. (Update , now lockdown is opening up, we can now visit customers, providing social distancing is maintained, and we use hand sanitiser to ensure use of keyboards etc is safe).

Depending on your problem, we can provide both phone and remote support using remote access software (TeamViewer), so we can resolve your computer and IT issues. So internet running slow, printer not working, Office 365 needs installing ? Don't struggle for hours over an issue we may be able to sort out quickly for you, give us a call.

 It really is easy to install for Windows Laptops and PC's, just click on the link to download the remote access software, and follow the instructions below, or call us and we can run through it with you.

TeamViewer Installation Instructions – 3 easy steps

1. Click on the grey “Run” button
The App will then download and run, if you minimise your browser to go back to your desktop, you should be presented with the following screen

2. Make sure the options are set for default and personal use, then click on the grey “Accept – finish” button. This will then prompt you if you wish to allow the app to make changes to your device, select the “Yes” button, the TeamViewer App is then installed.

3. Look on your desktop for the blue and white TeamViewer icon, click on it, to launch TeamViewer, where upon you will have the TeamViewer application window pop up with your id and password on.

When you call us your need to give me Your ID and TeamViewer password, I can then access your computer and sort out your IT problems remotely while you watch. Once the problem is resolved we end out remote session and the computer is disconnected ready for you to use.