Nowadays we all want good Wi-Fi throughout the house which is often needed for all the family who use a range of devices from laptops to mobiles to tablets and TV's.

The traditional method of extending your Wi-Fi has been to use either a Wi-Fi extender, or Home (powerline) adaptors which transmit the signal through the electricity sockets, however they required their own dedicated plug point, the speeds attained never matched the advertised speeds and they could also be confusing to set up.

However starting in 2018 and becoming increasingly popular, are mesh Wi-Fi networks, which consist of 2, 3 or more devices strategically placed around the house, these then create a grid system with one another, and create a separate Wi-Fi network throughout the house.

This creates a resilient and very fast network throughout the house, eliminating dead spots in hard to reach distant rooms whilist achieving excellent speeds for streaming and data transfers. So if you have poor Wi-Fi, a solution for houses of all sizes is now readily available at a reasonable cost.

Sky Q is one of the first broadband providers to offer a mesh Wi-Fi network, however the Wi-Fi mesh systems can be purchased independently from Amazon, Pcworld which includes mesh hardware from BT, Netgear and other well known Network suppliers. If you want any more information or would like us to set this up for you, just give us a call for further advice and support.